About Us


One Day At A Time

We believe in consistent Progress in undertaking our challenges and in achieving our goals.


J&L Ventures was established with the aim of providing Robust and outstanding solutions To Malawians.

We provide a full range of of digital Marketing services through the following channels, social media marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Email Marketing.
We Provide Web development services like content management Systems, web Applications, CMS Plugins and web Admin Panels and other Web technologies. We provide desktop Applications and mobile applications.

Mission Statement

To be the environment that provides affordable and reliable digital solutions.

Vision Statement

We aspire to ignite digital transformation.

Core Values

1. Excellency
We demand of ourselves to produce and offer the best quality Services.

2. Creativity
We are passionate in providing creative work that is original, relevant, innovative and ideal.

3. Growth
We believe that in order to provide relevant solutions to our customers, we have to grow by learning from experience, adapting new solutions and educating our team.