Terms and Conditions

By Accepting J&L Ventures to develop Your Website or Application you agree to the following terms.

Scope of Work

J And L Ventures agrees to design, develop, and deliver a website or Mobile Application in accordance with agreed specifications and requirements set forth between J And L Ventures and client Before commencement of development.

The client shall provide all necessary information before commencement of the project.

Project Timeline

J And L Ventures shall commence and Finish work within within agreed time.
J And L Ventures shall provide the Client with regular updates and progress reports.

Payment Terms

The Client shall pay J And L Ventures a total Agreed fee for the development of the Website or Application.

If the Client shall wish to pay in installments, the client shall inform the J And L Ventures before project commencement.

All payments shall be made in Malawi Kwacha via Cheque or Bank deposit or Bank Transfer and not mobile money

Intellectual Property Rights

J And L Ventures shall retain all rights, title, and interest in any pre-existing intellectual property incorporated into the Website, including but not limited to software and graphics. Upon full payment of the Total Fee, J And L Ventures grants the Client a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide license to use, display, and modify the Website and its content

Maintenance and Support

J And L Ventures shall provide first 3 months of free maintenance and support after the Completion Date, which includes fixing any bugs, errors, or defects in the Website. After the free maintenance period, J And L Ventures may offer additional maintenance and support services under a separate agreement and fee structure.